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Public Speaking

Communicate Clearly Without Fear

Public Speaking

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1 Day


The training is designed to equip participants with industry-relevant knowledge and skills to prepare them for speaking in public. The program covers the mechanism of speech, tips to improve public speaking, pacing and emphasis, and thought organization. The topics, activities, and practical exercises are structured to simulate the setting of a public stage, thereby augmenting the participants’ understanding of delivering a speech while simultaneously boosting their confidence.

  • Become a good public speaker
  • Delivery an effective speech
  • Do proper pacing and emphasis in public speaking
  • Create a good thought structure when delivering a speech using thought organization and mind mapping
  • Gain ability to overcome anxiety and nerves when preparing to make a public speech
  • Outline speeches in a logical and thorough fashion
  • Develop a tone of voice that commands authority and relatability when speaking in public
  • Plan and prepare speeches that inform, persuade, or fulfill the needs of the listeners
  • Determine and produce different sounds in the English alphabet

Individuals who want to speak effectively in public and develop their communication skills.

Course Outline

    • Introduce Yourself
    • The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)
    • Different Vowel Sounds
    • Different Consonant Sounds
    • Read Throughs
    • Parts of Speech
    • Subject-Verb Agreement
    • Verb Tenses
    • Prepositions (In, On, At)
    • Definition of Eloquence
    • Types of Speakers
    • Speaking Habits to Develop
    • Presentation: “Once Upon a Match Up”
    • Dyadic Vs Triadic Conversation
    • Thought Formation
    • Facing Challenging Situations
    • Presentation: “We Are Podcasters”
    • Preparing Mentally
    • Physical Relaxation Techniques
    • Appearing Confident in Front of Your Audience
    • Impromptu Speeches
    • Speech Transcription
    • Speech Presentations
    • Consultation with trainer after final presentation



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