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Visual Graphic Design NCIII

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Visual Graphic Design+ NCIII

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61 Days


The course provides a comprehensive practical graphics design skill for various media outlets through the advanced and focused Visual Graphics Design in various software applications (such as Illustrator and Photoshop). Create graphic materials for print and electronic media. Learn current practices and enhance skills through continuous update of applications used by major corporations locally and internationally. Learning program ensures above-industry standards as well as work related competencies that augments communication skills, teamwork, and problem-solving capacities.

• Develop design studies
• Create vector graphics using a graphics application
• Create raster graphics using a graphics application
• Develop designs for print media
• Develop designs for electronic media
• Develop designs for product packaging
• Develop designs for booth and product/window display

Anyone who has the passion for Design and wants to learn Visual Graphic Design.

Course Outline

  • Day 1
    Principles of Design

    • Define Principles of Design
    • Scale
    • Balance
    • Gestalt Principles
    • Expression
    • Grid
    • Time and Motion
    • Design Problems to Avoid

    Day 2


    • What is Typography?
    • The Power of Typography
    • Classifications of Fonts
    • Type across Scales
    • Anatomy of Type
    • Features of a Font
    • Text Formatting
    • Expressive Typography
    • Optical Issues
    • Typographic Color
    • Parts of a Page
    • Rules of Thumb for Accessible Typography
    • Examples of Radical Typography


    Day 3

    Creating images for print & web

    • Difference between vector-based and raster (pixel)-based graphics
    • Image File Format
    • Resolution

    Day 4

    Graphic Design Copyright and Related Rights

    • Copyright and Related Rights
    • Scope and Duration of Protection
    • Protecting Your Original Creations
    • Ownership of Copyright
    • Benefiting from Copyright and Related Rights
    • Using Works Owned by Others
    • Enforcing Copyright

    Day 5

    Graphic Design Process

    1. Visual Communication
    2. What is a Design Process?
    3. Stages in the design process:
    • Development of the brief
    • Research
    • Strategy/Generation of ideas
    • Development of concepts
    • Presentation/Refinement
    • Production/Launch/Resolution of Presentation Completion

    Day 6

    Graphic Design Tools Overview:

    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Adobe InDesign
  • Tool A:  Adobe Photoshop

    • Getting Started with Adobe Photoshop & Bridge
    • Selecting Images
    • Advance Selection
    • Transforming Objects & Images
    • Adding Text and Shapes
    • Image Manipulation
    • Working with Layers & adding Layer Mask
    • Applying Adjustment Layers
    • Applying Colors, Gradients and Proper Measurements
    • Working with Vector & Drawing tools
    • Adding Filters and Plugins
    • Working with Painting tools
    • Photo Retouching and Restoration
    • Introduction to Webpage Design
    • Working with Videos & Frame to Frame Animation

    Photoshop 3D, Automation & Printing Photoshop Examination

  • Tool B: Adobe Illustrator

    • Getting Started with Adobe Illustrator
    • Selecting & arranging objects
    • Drawing & editing shapes
    • Working with Lines & Strokes
    • Tracing Images
    • Drawing with Pen & Pencil tool
    • Applying Colors & Gradients
    • Working with Type
    • Layers & stacking order
    • Applying Blend, Masks & Offset Path
    • Painting with brushes
    • Perspective Drawing
    • Applying Liquify, Envelope & Gradient Mesh
    • Adding Vector & Raster Effects
    • Working with Graphic Styles & Symbols
    • Illustrator 3D

    Illustrator Examination

  • Tool C: Adobe InDesign

    • Getting Started with Adobe InDesign
    • Creating Documents and Layout Pages
    • Formatting Text
    • Drawing and Painting
    • Applying Colors & Gradients
    • Importing and Modifying Graphics
    • Working with Objects
    • Working with Transparency
    • Applying Styles
    • Creating Tables
    • InDesign Interactive PDF Pt 1
    • InDesign Interactive PDF Pt 2
    • Creating Data Merge
    • Generate QR Codes

    Publishing and Printing



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