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Digital Interactive Publication:InDesign

Layout using Adobe's InDesign

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5 Days


This is a 5-day specialized training in I.T. course designed for teachers, trainers, print designers, and interactive design professionals. In this course, trainees will learn all about building and designing Interactive PDFs. Discover them from scratch and by converting print and other format documents using InDesign and Adobe Acrobat.

  • Layout pages using Adobe InDesign
  • Create Documents and Pages
  • Format Text and Paragraphs
  • Draw and Paint
  • Apply Colors & Gradients
  • Import and Modify Graphics
  • Create Tables
  • Design Interactive PDF
  • Publish and Print PDF documents

Designed for teachers, trainers, print designers, and interactive design professionals which covers the basic to advanced Adobe InDesign.

This training may also be beneficial and in a more efficient Lesson Planning and making of presentations for the students.

Course Outline

  • Getting Started with Adobe InDesign

    • Selection tools.
    • The Application bar and Control panel.
    • Manage document windows.
    • Work with panels.
    • Save your own customized workspace.
    • Change the magnification of the document.
    • Navigate through a document.
    • Use context menus.
    • Save custom document settings as a document preset.
    • Create a new document and set document defaults.
    • Lay out a master page.
    • Add pages to a document.
    • Rearrange, delete, and change the size of pages.
    • Create section markers and specify page numbering.
    • Work with Liquid Layouts & Alternate Layouts.
    • Applying Page Rules.
    • Create a Table of Contents (TOC).
    • Add Page Basic Numbering.
  • Formatting Text, Drawing and Painting

      • Handle a missing font.
      • Enter and import text.
      • Find and change text and formatting.
      • Check the spelling in a document.
      • Move text by dragging and dropping.
      • Use the Story Editor.
      • Adjust vertical and horizontal text spacing.
      • Change fonts and type styles.
      • Insert special characters from OpenType fonts.
      • Wrap text around objects.
      • Add and format a drop cap.
      • Draw Basic Lines and Shapes
      • Draw with the Pen tool
      • Understand Paths and Shapes
      • Change Corner Appearance
      • Apply line (stroke) settings
      • Edit Paths
      • Working with Compound Paths and Shapes
  • Applying Colors, Gradients and Modifying Graphics

      • Apply Colors and Gradients
      • Apply Tints
      • Work with Swatches
      • Use colors from imported graphics
      • Blend Colors
      • Understand spot and process colors
      • Distinguish between vector and bitmap graphics.
      • Import Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator graphics.
      • Manage imported graphic files using the Links panel.
      • Adjust the display quality of graphics.
      • Adjust the appearance of graphics by manipulating paths and alpha channels.
      • Create an anchored graphics frame that flows with text.
      • Create and use libraries of objects.
      • Using Snippets
  • Applying Styles and Creating Tables

      • Create and apply paragraph and character styles.
      • Globally update paragraph, character, object, cell, and table styles.
      • Import and apply styles from other InDesign documents.
      • Find and replace character and paragraph styles
      • Duplicate styles or style groups
      • Create style groups.
      • Nest character styles inside paragraph styles.
      • Create and apply object styles.
      • Create and apply cell styles.
      • Create and apply table styles.
      • Create Tables
      • Add Graphics to a Table
      • Add Text to a Table
      • Select and Edit Tables
      • Format Tables
      • About Table Strokes and Fills
  • InDesign Interactive PDF

      • Define Interactive PDF.
      • Plan an Interactive PDF.
      • Work with Interactive Objects and Hyperlinks.
      • Define Buttons.
      • Create Interactive Imagery, Galleries and Slideshows.
      • Add Document Effects.
      • Add different types of PDF form fields to a page.
      • Use prebuilt form fields.
      • Add a description to a form field.
      • Set the tab order of form fields.
      • Add a Submit button to a form.
      • Create Navigation Systems.
      • Incorporate Video and Audio.
      • Creating a Show / Hide Object Button & Toggle
      • Export and test an Adobe PDF (Interactive) file with form fields.



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