Our Projects


We can help you with Educational Assistance Programs

As an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Training Center, Swiss IT Academy Inc. empowers people in need, particularly out-of-school youth and persons with disability through education, by providing them with skills that set them at par with the demands of society. 

Together with our partners, we take care of our trainees by following through with our commitment to excellence, providing quality service and caring about the success of everyone involved.

Ranging from Career Orientation & Values Formation Programs to Contact Center Services courses, Swiss IT Academy Inc. equips our trainees with the necessary skills to join the workforce. Our partnerships with foundations allows us to reach out to hundred of students and cultivate learning.

Schools & Universities

Student & Teacher – Centered Training and Certification

Aside from offering training programs to students, Swiss IT Academy Inc. also caters to the needs of teachers and educators. As a professional in the teaching profession, they are required to update their knowledge and skills to keep up with the rapid changes and innovation through technology. That is why Swiss IT Academy Inc., an advocate of continuous learning, offers in-demand and updated courses to teachers that will continuously upgrade and improve their abilities to teach. 

In addition to new learning, our courses will give teachers 15 CPD Credit Units for their professional license renewal in the Professional Regulation Commission. Interested? Kindly send us an email so we can go to your school and give you a glimpse of our programs

Swiss IT Academy Inc. is inviting schools and academic institutions to enroll their students in our Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Program. This certification will let your students be internationally certified and improve their skills and knowledge in Microsoft Office.


Corporate Companies

Catering to Your Training Needs

Swiss IT Academy Inc., would like to ensure that the workforce in an organization will continue to contribute to the growth of the business. We aim to maintain the quality of services and productivity of employees through the delivery of technical and soft skills training

With our affiliations, Swiss IT Academy Inc. is guaranteed that every professional will acquire distinct certifications on their way to a successful career