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Photoshop for Beginners

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5 Days


Photoshop for Beginners Training (PFB) is a 5-day training workshop  that ets you learn comprehensive basic knowledge of the industry’s most flexible photo editing software, Adobe Photoshop. In this Photoshop course, students will explore both the technical aspects of image manipulation, as well as the artistic aspects of creating images. 


At the end of this training, you will learn to:

§  UTILIZE the different Photoshop tools with ease

§  USE shortcut keys and mouse controls in image manipulation

§  CUSTOMIZE workspace according to purpose/procedure

§  RETOUCH, RESTORE, or ADJUST images according to purpose

§  APPLY artistic effects for image manipulation

§  IDENTIFY and EMPLOY best practices for designs

§  CREATE and PRESENT own designs, e.g. posters, flyers, 3-fold brochures, and magazines


At the end of this training, you will get:
Swiss IT Academy Inc. certificate with 15 CPD Credit Units (For PRC Professionals)
-In-demand and marketable knowledge and skills.

Designed for teachers, trainers, web practitioners, and email marketing professionals.

Course Outline

Introduction to Photoshop

  • Photoshop’s minimum system requirements
  • Photoshop User Interface
  • Photoshop panels and workspaces
  • Image and Canvass
  • Page sizes, margins and Bleeds
  • Printing options
  • Font options
  • Different tools in Photoshop and their categories

Blending Effects

Selection tools

  • Move, duplicate, deselect and reselect a selection
  • Keyboard-mouse combinations for selections
  • Add to and subtract from a selection.
  • Complex Selections

Image Manipulation

  • Crop Tool
  • Perspective Crop tool
  • Images Adjustments


  • Layers Panel
  • Background layer and regular layers
  • Content-Aware Fill
  • Renaming, Moving and Deleting Layers
  • Copying, Duplicating and Grouping Layers
  • Merging layers and flattening images
  • Working with Layers using keyboard shortcuts

More on Layers

  • Layer Mask
  • Refine Edge Mask
  • Clipping Mask
  • Color Splash
  • Image Adjustments and Adjustment Layer Mask

Transform tools

  • Rotate, flip, scale, distort, and skew an item
  • Warp images and Warp Type
  • Rasterizing objects
  • Puppet Warp tool

Type Tool and Drawing Tool

  • Format Text
  • Text Wrap
  • Regular and Custom Shapes
  • Fit Text in a path
  • Transparent Image backgrounds
  • Logo Design

Pen Tool

  • Shapes and Paths
  • Anchors, directions points and handles
  • Correct drawing procedure
  • Custom Shapes
  • Advanced Selections

Photo Retouching and Restorations

  • Spot Healing, Healing, Patch Tool and Content-Aware Move Tool
  • Clone and Pattern Stamp
  • Blurr, Sharpen, Smudge Tool
  • Dodge, Burn, Sponge Tool

Color Management

  • Color Modes
  • Color Values
  • Color Management tools in Photoshop
  • Eyedropper tool for sampling colors
  • Color Picker
  • Gradients and Colors
  • Advance Color Management
  • Guidelines and measurement


March 9 - 13, 2020 (8:30AM to 5:30PM)
March 16 - 20, 2020 (5:00PM to 9:00PM)
March 7, 14, 21, 28 & April 4, 2020 (8:30AM to 5:30PM)

Students' Reviews

Thank you, Ms. Marci! I really enjoyed all the Saturday's we have been together in the training. I learned a lot and it was thoroughly explained not only in words but also practically speaking. I wish you all the best always. Take care and hope to see you again soon! 🙂

Ann Leebeck Manlavi

I have experienced so much fun and was able to gain more knowledge about the training course/subject. The friendliness of the instructors should also be highlighted.

Jay Bee Luengas

It was my second course here in Swiss IT Academy. Everyday new lesson, new activities and new skills will developed. Our trainor has an expertise in that field and also she is caring, kind and approachable. No dull moment during the training, it was fulfilling experience and I highly recommend it. Thanks Swiss IT Academy.

Mark Vic Fanugao

It was informative, great and educational. It is really helpful especially nowadays where advanced technology is needed most of the time.

Carlo Bibal

my experience in this training was great. Very accomodating and employees and trainer. Worth it ang amount n ibinayad ko. yung expectation ko ay nalampasan p nila. See u next year.

Jayson Kim

"I am thankful to have this kind of experience. The knowledge gained in this training will help me a lot in my professional growth and development. To the management specially to Ma'am Marci, thank you very much. Excellent!"

Hazel Angelyn Tesoro

The training was good overall. The facilities and the trainer are good. Place is conducive for learning and very comfortable. The trainer is very friendly and approachable. Improvements in the training hand outs must be done for easy understanding of the students. Hand outs must be aesthitically pleasing with a lot of visuals hopefully. It was a very good experience and I can say that I would like to have more training here in SwissIT. Good job guys. More power and God bless! 🙂

Faith Ann Jordan

Learning photoshop in Swiss IT is very helpful. The facilities were adequate and comfortable making the student learn effeciently. The teacher is well knowledgeable on its subject, they deliver every topics very well. They’ve met all of its objectives. The overall learning experience was excellent. God bless to SWISS IT. Looking forward for the next training available.

Louis Kevin Tuazon

The training was excellent and in detailed. Materials or equipment are easy to use. Staffs are friendly. Trainers are hands on as well.

John Rey Lugod

The whole training is really engaging because of the well-knowledgable instructor we have. She is very approachable and communicates well to her students. I also like the pacing. She really gave us ample time to master the skills or tools in photoshop. She is really practical in teaching . She focused to the most important things to remember in the lesson rather than just relying on the PPT.

Nikko Jesoro